RIP IT UP magazine’s review of Hitlerhoff

Hitlerhoff, Queens Theatre, Tue Mar 10

Hitlerhoff, writer Tom Doig’s enigmatic fusing of pop culture hero David Hasselhoff and history’s greatest monster Adolf Hitler, is a theatre experience that is somewhat akin to a herd of charging rhinoceros. It’s loud, it’s constantly in your face, it’s more than a little bit evil and to top it off it’s also sickeningly hilarious. Tobias Manderson-Galvin, who plays the production’s titular hero, is relentlessly funny at times and soiled-underpants-scary at others, bringing an intensity to the role that such an over the top character begs for. Georgina Andrews and Joel Davey do not disappoint either, each of them breathing life into a ridiculous horde of characters throughout the production’s hour-long runtime. Hitlerhoff is offensive, sure, but it also features an unflinching and important message that’ll hit you like a verbal kick to the genitals. And call me a Commie thespian if you must, but I loved every second of it.

Liam Sharrad


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