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photo: Max Milne

photo: Max Milne

David Hasselhoff and Adolf Hitler: together at last! In this jackboot-black comedy, the life stories of the Hoff and the Führer are fused together, creating a lovable Frankenstein’s monster who is HUGE in Germany.

Have you ever pondered the connection between Pamela Anderson and international communism?

Ever asked yourself what KITT had to do with the invasion of Austria?

Ever considered the disturbing similarities between Hitler’s Aryan fantasies and the blonde, blue-eyed dream-world of Baywatch?

Now you can!

Hitlerhoff is a 21st-century Molotov cocktail of pop-culture and propaganda, banality and evil. It follows in the noble comic tradition of Charlie Chaplin’s The Great Dictator, Bertolt Brecht’s The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui, and Mel Brooks’ The Producers. Hitlerhoff’s satire raises important questions, more relevant than ever to a 21st-century audience – about the dangers of complacency, celebrity-worship, ambition, and blind faith.

Hitlerhoff is written by the world’s foremost expert on Hitlerhoff Studies, spoken word artist and theatre-maker Tom Doig (Survival of the Prettiest; The Badness Hour). It is directed by Erin Kelly in a style that is part-Brechtian, part-David Hasselhoff music video.

The title role is played by Tobias Manderson-Galvin, actor and notorious jelly-wrestler (“unstoppable” the Age“ought to be locked up”– B News). Hitlerhoff also stars Georgina Andrews, star of upcoming feature film The Sculptor and regular on Neighbours, and notorious Shakespeare buff Joel Andrews.

There is a renowned trans-Tasman production team working on Hitlerhoff’s audio-visual component: director and VJ Anto Skene; advertisting executive Puck Murphy (NZ); up-and-coming hip hop star Keith “Keith! Party” McDougall, and Conrad Wedde, member of critically acclaimed NZ band The Phoenix Foundation. All cast and crew are available for interviews.

MEDIA CONTACT: Tom Doig 0416 497 311 doig.tom@gmail.com



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