Tom Doig’s MA – “Hitler Comedy / Hitlerhoff” – as PDF


This is a my MA (Creative Writing) from the University of Melbourne, in Australia. It contains a discussion of comedy theory in relation to the “limit case” of Hitler, and a full transcript of Hitlerhoff. If you’re into academia, download the PDF and give it a read – it got a pretty good mark. Please reference anything you quote, and send me an email (hitlerhoff [at] gmail [dot] com) if you do so.


The critical component of this thesis, “Hitler Comedy”, is a dissertation on the intersection between comedy theory in general, and the specific practice of Hitler comedy. Focusing on Bertolt Brecht’s play The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui (1941; directed by Heiner Müller in 1995), and Dani Levy’s film Mein Führer: the Truly Truest Truth About Adolf Hitler (2007), my argument critiques existing “instrumentalist” theories of comedy as didactic and morally reductive. Moving beyond prevailing conceptualitations of comedy as corrective and/or forgiving, my dissertation emphasises the centrality of pleasure, displeasure and disruption for audience members in the process of their experiencing Hitler comedies.

The creative component of this thesis is a script and a DVD recording of Hitlerhoff, a theatre and multimedia work that combines the characters of Adolf Hitler and David Hasselhoff into a single hybrid figure. Hitlerhoff is a spectacular black comedy that uses humour to entertain and unsettle, and to disrupt audience members’ expectations. Hitlerhoff is a practical demonstration of the ability of “irresponsible” comedy to act as a potent catalyst for “responsible”, ethically engaged discussions.

reductio ad Hitlerum – or, the “Hoffing” of Hitler?


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  1. […] has an MA in Hitler comedy, recently met David Hasselhoff on a beach in NZ, and wrote and produced the black comedy […]

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